Outdoor Murals of Ottawa Canada
Corso Italia Heritage Mural

These murals are sponsored by the Preston Street Business Improvement Association and the families commemorated. Artist: Karole Marois.

[Map]  Overall view east side. The background symbolises the boat journey taken by so many Italo-Canadians from Italy through Pier 21 at Halifax, the entry point for most, to their new home in Little Italy. The bow shows the flag of Canada, the stern the flag of Italy; the panels are the windows of the ship.

Completed in 1913, St. Anthony's is the spiritual heart of Little Italy, with services in Italian and English. The panel shows long-time volunteers Luigi Mion and Angelo Filoso carrying the church statue with the church in the background, framed by two of the church windows. The insert shows the parish priests throughout the years.
Founded in 1872, the Servite Sisters of the Addolorato arrived in Canada in 1961. The members of the Community dedicate themselves to educating the children of St. Anthony's Parish, helping their families, and instilling in their parents the conviction of a Christian life.
San Rocco de la Croix is the patron saint of those afflicted by disease. His feast day in mid-August includes a mass, food, dancing, and a procession such as shown here with band and statue.
Angelo Fiore was the only Italian-speaking officer on the Ottawa police force when he joined in 1974. He became responsible for Italian Week policing in 1994, and retired as detective-sergeant in 2003. The left image is of an Italian Week parade headed by him. The right shows a celebration when Italy won the World Cup and features several Italo-Canadians active in the community.
Since 1981 Trattoria Caffé Italia has been entertaining guests in Ottawa's Little Italy. Dominic and Pasquale Carrozza, head chef Connie and the rest of the Trattoria Caffé Italia family, invite you to enjoy their homemade pastas, desserts and tender veal dishes. Select a wine from their award-winning wine list and enjoy a great evening out.
The left panel shows the original La Roma entrance at the corner of Bronson and Somerset. It moved to 430 Preston in 1995, the main view. Family owned and operated throughout, La Roma continues to prove the excellence of contemporary Italian cuisine in the heart of Little Italy.
Founded in 1945, Italo-Canadian owned throughout its life, Preston Hardware expanded and became Ottawa's first self-serve hardware store in 1957. It also sells wine making supplies on a seasonal basis. The photos span the 1945 original to the major expansion of 1993, with the main view being of the storefront of 1957.
Il Lavoratore, The Labourer. Joe Cotroneo was born at 271 Preston, near Gladstone. The background shows his childhood home with his father heading off to work as a plasterer. His mother and children wave goodby from the veranda in a scene typical of Little Italy at the time. The family photos include early photos of his father, a sister's first communion, and his sisters preparing food.
A family business for 35 years, now entering its 3rd generation, Venice Steel Works provides the finest in wrought-iron work to residents of Little Italy and beyond. The main view is of John Frigo at work; inserts show the business front and John with his father.
From its beginnings in 1934 as the Preston Hotel, it has featured hearty Italian cuisine and its unique square pizza. Renamed the Prescott in 1941 because it was the last hotel on the road to Prescott, it now focusses entirely on its food. The main view is of the hotel in 1934, the small one, today.
The Nicastro family opened their first store in Little Italy in 1972. This store at first catered to Italian immigrant families in the area, but soon grew in popularity to became one of Ottawa's favourite Italian grocers. The Nicastro brothers opened their next store on Merivale Rd., where Joe, Rocco and Frank Nicastro can still be found. Pat Nicastro opened La Bottega in 1995. The Nicastro's are proud to be the 5th generation of food merchants, and proud to continue serving Ottawa's Italian community.
Since 1979, this family owned pastry & gelato shop has prepared the finest in prize-winning cakes for weddings and other special occasions, as well as many smaller Italian confections with breakfast and lunch. Insert photos include chef Joe Calabro's mother, father and brother. It is a family-oriented establishment serving generations from past to present.
Domenico Licari and his wife Paola (Belle) arrived from Reggio Calabria in 1912. Domenico was a pioneer of the Italian community who helped build St. Anthony's Church. His son Angelo was president of the Sons of Italy Society for 18 years and was very involved in the community. The mural shows Domenico with his son Angelo in front of his house at 369 Preston St that he built himself and lived in until the age of 102. Angelo with his wife Juliette and 7 children lived next door at 363 Preston St.
Since 1978, Fleischer Photography, with Monika Fleischer at the helm, has been creating photographic memories of special occasions in the lives of Ottawa's Italian community. The film strip shows some of these occasions, with St. Anthony's Church hosting a typical wedding. Monika's daughter Kathy now continues this proud tradition.
St. Anthony's Day is is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday in June. It begins with an outdoor mass on the steps of St. Anthony's Church, continues with a procession and ends with a feast in the church prepared by the Ladies Aid. The procession was for many years led by Lorne Kelly, shown here. It begins Italian Week, filled with special occasions and festivities throughout Little Italy.
For 65 years, the Guzzo Adamo family supplied Italian groceries to Ottawa at 362 Preston Street. The main view is of the store built in 1912. The insert photos include the founders Francesco and Filomena Guzzo, Pasquale and Maria Capello Adamo and their two children Joseph and Pasqualina (Pat) who operated the business for the last 40 years until 1977.
Since 1794 the people of Rapino have celebrated the May 8 feast of the Madonna di Carpineto with the Verginelle procession, girls and boys dressed as angels. The mural shows the church, the procession, a view of Rapino, its famous pottery, the Ottawa Rapinese Soccer Team and the Associazione Rapinese di Ottawa executive committee with its president, Lorenzo Micucci. The Rapinesi of Ottawa continue with great pride to carry on their ancestral values and traditions.

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