Getting Sirius About Time

The ancients didn't use the stars much for time keeping because it's much more complicated than using the sun or moon. Planets wander around, comets zip around. And, there are so many stars! But, all those stars must mean something, so ...

to start:

At this point, you can calculate a current star time-of-day. But, since the stars are forever, you should extend your calculation for more than a few mere centuries from the present. So, you really must

And, when you want to see the Sirius year as the pyramids saw it, you will also have to

Then, you have to choose your data. Here is where I got mine:

Based on this data, it appears that the current Sirius year began approximately at 0540 UT 25 August 9967 BC Gregorian, and will have a length of about 9 327 011.52 Sirius days.

Further work is planned to refine these values and to organize this year into suitable subdivisions.

John Sankey